What is Ethernet?

Would you like to know what Ethernet is? We will explain it to you in this article!

If you are regularly confronted with topics relating to computers, the Internet and networks, the term “Ethernet” has certainly appeared before. In the following tips + tricks article we explain to you what the Ethernet is and what you can use it for.

What is Ethernet anyway?

The Ethernet is used to distribute data within a network. These can be files that are sent in the home or company network or a simple connection via the corresponding network to the Internet. The Ethernet connection is established via LAN cable. These cables are placed between the Router and the connected device such as a computer, Smart TV, printer, or game console.

When should I use Ethernet, and when using Wi-Fi?

All devices connected with a LAN cable are connected to the Ethernet. As a rule, this applies at least to stand computers. Most consoles, Laptops and sometimes devices such as Blu-Ray players also offer this function. It can be very advantageous if devices are connected to the Internet via LAN cable – at least as long as no one stumbles over it. WLAN signals do not have a constant speed, but can also be slower or faster or even fail completely. If you connect a device via a LAN cable, i.e. via Ethernet, you, therefore, provide this device with a constant connection, which in some cases provides faster Internet than an equivalent Wi-Fi connection.

In contrast to Ethernet, the simpler and slightly more cost-effective connection of a device is via WLAN. Even if the Signal may not always arrive constantly, a wireless connection can also have its advantages. The first advantage is already in the name: to connect to the WLAN, you do not need cables. This saves costs (for cables), but also effort. Because each device would have to be laboriously connected. This can be particularly difficult if not every room in your home has a LAN connection and you may need to drill cable ducts.

The bottom line is that Ethernet is particularly suitable for devices that require a constant connection. These can be stand computers or perhaps Smart TV. Devices that are mainly used on mobile devices, such as Laptops or Tablets, are then better stored in the WLAN.

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